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Tell Us What You Think!“I’d seen on the label that your Balkan Linden honey was renowned for its antiseptic qualities and is used in Serbia in the treatment of coughs, colds and bronchitis.  I had a sore throat all weekend which was really painful by Sunday evening.  I slowly swallowed half a teaspoon of Balkan Linden to soothe it and within half an hour my sore throat completely disappeared!  Thank you! Most impressive.  It’s going to be my delicious winter medicine from now on” J Toller

“Love the jar and the label – how stylish and looks a million dollars – it is obvious that it (Himalayan Highlands) is a quality product. The taste is very smooth, with a beautiful aroma but delicate and intense with hints of flowers. I will try cooking with it, but seems almost too good to cook with.’ Gina Steer, Freelance Food Writer / Home Economist.

“We bought your Balkan Linden honey at the Game Fair at Scone, and it is delicious and I am enjoying it.” –

“I just wanted to tell you that I think your Himalayan Highlands honey is the best I’ve ever tasted. I’ve been eating it left and right. Just had some on croissants today. I mentioned it on my blog: On my next trip to London, it’s back to Fortnum & Mason. I won’t feel happy till I have a few jars in my larder! Can’t wait to try some of your other honeys too.” – Heavenly Housewife

“I think you have something very magical in your honey and it left quite an impression on me as I have done a bit of travelling. Please take care of our bees, and keep up the good work on providing that magic to the world…” – Jennifer,

“I’ve just been to Fortnum’s and was very impressed with it!  Well done its fantastic XXX”

“Wow!  I love New Zealand Rewarewa!  Its really toffee-ish and I loved imagining the bees sucking nectar from the exotic red flowers on the label.”

“Love, love Balkan Locust – it’s just so clear in the jar – like liquid gold – and unbelievably silky sweet – I look forward to my breakfast toast every day.”

“I bought the New Zealand Rainforest honey at Scone yesterday and think it is very yummy honey!” – S Mudie

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