Ogilvy’s honey, just right for delicious Easter recipes

Easter is the perfect time to use honey in recipes and if you are entertaining over the Easter weekend your guests will love Honey glazed carrots (delicious with lamb) followed by Apple New-Zealand-Rewarewa-Jarand Honey tart.

Honey Glazed Carrots

Serves 4

8 medium carrots

2 generous knobs of butter

4 tablespoons of New Zealand Rewarewa honey


Place the carrots in a saucepan with enough cold water to cover, bring to the boil and cook until they still have a soft crunch.

Drain but retain a small amount of the water.

Add the butter and the Rewarewa honey to the cooked carrots and on a medium heat caramelise the carrots until they are glazed making sure not to burn the honey.

If the glaze starts to get too thick add a few teaspoons of the carrot water.


Apple and Honey Tart

Brazilian-Plateau-JarServes 4


110g/4oz Plain Flour

Pinch of Salt

55g/2oz Butter

10ml/2 teaspoons Caster Sugar

1 egg Yolk

Very cold water


120ml/8 tablespoons Brazilian Plateau honey

Grated Rind of ½ Lemon and 10ml/2 teaspoons of the juice

Approx 4 Apples Cox or Granny Smith are ideal, peeled, cored and quartered

28g/1oz Fresh Ginger finely chopped or grated

60ml/4 tablespoons Fresh Breadcrumbs


Set the Oven to 190 c/375 F/ Gas mark 5.

Sift the flour with salt, rub in the butter until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs, add the sugar.

Mix the egg yolk with 30ml/2 tablespoons water, add to the mixture.

Mix to a firm dough, first with a knife and then by hand. It may be necessary to add water, but pastry should not be to wet.

Leave to rest in the fridge.

Roll the pastry out to 5mm/1/4 inch thick and line a pie plate or flan ring with it. Prick the bottom with a fork – do not prick all way through the pastry.

Place baking paper onto the pastry, add baking beans, leave in the freezer for 10 minutes. Blind bake for 10 minutes.

Heat the honey gently with lemon juice and rind to make it runny, add ginger and slices of apple. When the apple is soft, carefully take out and evenly decorate in the flan tin.

Sprinkle the breadcrumbs into the honey mixture until they are soaked and well mixed and layer on top of the apple. If your breadcrumb mixture is too dry, melt some more honey and drizzle on top.

Bake for about 30 minutes until the filling is set and the edges of the pastry are brown. The filling should be a little on the soft side and nicely brown if the tart is to be eaten cold.

Enjoy! Happy Easter from Ogilvy’s.

Ogilvy’s honey, perfect for pancake day!

Don’t forget to buy honey today for scrumptious pancakes. The New Zealand Rainforest is a rich aromatic honey delicious spread on pancakes. Check our ‘Where to buy’ section for your nearest stockist.New-Zealand-Rainforest-Jar

Honey offers, save £1.93 with Ocado on selected Ogilvy’s honey

Balken-Acacia-JarNew-Zealand-Rainforest-JarHimalayan-Highlands-JarOcado are running an offer on Balkan Acacia, New Zealand Rainforest and Himalayan Highlands honey, save £1.93 per jar until February 11th 2014.

Ogilvy’s honey featured on Ethical High Street

Ethical High Street is a not-for-profit enterprise founded by Emma Waight, a social scientist and freelance writer with a special interest in ethical fashion and sustainable consumption.

This online resource helps consumers navigate everyday shops and brands with more of an ethical conscience and we are delighted they have chosen to feature Ogilvy’s honey.


Ogilvys Fine Honeys

Honey, the perfect breakfast partner!

Ogilvys Fine HoneysHoney is must on the breakfast table and a delightful and nutritional way to start the day. Each honey has it’s own flavour and complements a variety of breakfast foods.


Balkan Linden is an intense sweet honey that is particularly delicious in tea.

Zambezi Plains is slightly spicy with a distinctive redcurrant flavour, perfect stirred through porridge for real zing.

Balkan Acacia is a great sweetener for coffee, with a delicate citrus flavour.

Brazilian Plateau is perfect to sweeten a strawberry, blueberry and banana smoothie.

Himalayan Highlands honey is a perfect partner to yoghurt and has a light, intense sweet flavour.

New Zealand Rainforest is a rich aromatic honey delicious spread on toast, crumpets, waffles or pancakes.

New Zealand Rewarewa with the lovely toffee flavour is a great combination with nuts so ideal to complement an oat, maple and pecan granola or delicious with muesli apricots and apples and served with yoghurt.


If you haven’t tried honey for breakfast now is the time to enjoy the benefits and the delicious flavours so get spreading and drizzling!


Happy Christmas from Ogilvy’s

Ocado Ogilvy’s December honey offers

New-Zealand-Rainforest-JarNew-Zealand-Rewarewa-JarBalken-Linden-JarOgilvy’s New Zealand Rainforest and Balkan Linden honeys are on offer with Ocado during December, save £1.50 per jar.

New Zealand Rewarewa is also on offer with a saving of £2.00 per jar. Stock up for winter!

December – honey recipe tip from Eva Arrighi

Ogilvys Fine HoneysEva Arrighi, Group Fashion Editor on the Sunday Herald has given Ogilvy’s her recipe tip for using honey.

“Get some porridge on the pot and stew up some apples, soak raisins in rum (top boozy tip for Christmas) and get drizzling!”

Choose from

Balkan Acacia, a lovely pale shiny honey with a delicate citrus flavour
Balkan Linden, an intense aromatic sweet taste
Brazilian Plateau, a subtle flavour with a sweet finish
Himalayan Highlands, a very light, intensely sweet flavour
New Zealand Rainforest, a rich aromatic honey with a fresh mild taste
New Zealand Rewarewa, an intense toffee flavour
Zambezi Plains, slightly spicy taste with a distinctive red currant flavour

Ogilvy’s honey tastings with Whole Foods, selected London stores

We are arranging a number of honey tastings in selected Whole Foods stores so watch this space for dates and information.

Checkout our honey online, perfect for Christmas gifts!

Ogilvy’s have just launched a retail online shop so you can buy direct from us.

Just in time for Christmas gift shopping, indulging yourself or the perfect reason to try out a new recipe using delicious honey.

Ogilvys Fine HoneysBalkan Linden honey has a intense aromatic sweet taste, Zambezi Plains honey has a slightly spicy taste with a distinctive red currant flavour and New Zealand Rewarewa honey has an intense toffee flavour. Balkan Acacia honey has a delicate citrus flavour, while Brazilian Plateau honey has a subtle sweet flavour. Himalayan Highlands honey is a very light honey with an intensely sweet flavour and New Zealand Rainforest honey is rich and aromatic with a fresh mild taste. Sweet treats for everybody!


Add the honey tasting collection to your Christmas list

Our New Tasting Collection Gift PackIf you are still wondering what to buy for Christmas, it’s not too late to add the honey tasting collection to your Christmas list.

Honey for the discerning shopper making the perfect gift or stocking filler for the foodie and satisfyingly original.

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