About Us

Shamus Ogilvy gives more than just his name to Ogilvy’s Honey.  He’s the one that started it all with his knowledge about honey and his passion for wanting people to enjoy the delight of honeys beyond the blends and mixes, often from more than one country, that is the most common experience of eating the sweet stuff.  He’s the one that travels the world to find new single flower nectar styles (monofloral), or honeys from bees that feed on flowers local to their hive (polyfloral).  He’s also the one that chats up the beekeepers and gives them a bigger market for their rare and unusual honeys.

Karin Cardiff was minding her own business when she met Shamus and that’s the moment she became hooked on honey.  With a background in corporate comms, Karin had the right experience to take on the development and marketing of the Ogilvy’s Honey, so she did.  She’s become so infected with enthusiasm that she is setting up 20 beehives in Wiltshire and hoping for her first harvest this summer.

Our mission is create a buzz about fine honeys of the world.  We want people to try out new and exciting varieties and to refine their taste for pure, unblended honeys in the same way that they have for fine chocolate, coffee and wine.

We’re not stopping at the seven honeys that we are introducing, sourced from around the world.  We already have another on the way and plan lots more honey innovations and ranges very soon.